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Where Does Spam Email Come From?

By | source:Social News Daily Jun 22nd, 2016

Monty Python vikings may love spam, but for most of us it’s a bloomin’ nuisance with the potential for danger. Spam filters are a good deal better than they used to be and I can count on one hand the instances of spam making it into my inbox in the last year. But spamming is potentially very profitable, and there’s a silent war for your inbox going on every second of every day and night.

Since it costs so very little to send the same email to millions of email addresses, even one result in 10,000 emails can be a profitable business.  It’s interesting to see where these emails are being sent from, and sent to.

These days, email is the small fish of the spam business. Social media is where the real game is. Fake followers on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and the like are booming as users seek to artificially increase their follower numbers and engagement, and therefore their perceived legitimacy. How much of the internet is comprised of fake users? We’ve got an infographic to enlighten you.