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Which Countries Citizens Own the Most Crypto?

By | source:Here Apr 3rd, 2022

By now you’ve probably heard a bit about cryptocurrency and bitcoin. While it seems like everyday there is a new story in the crypto world, there are certain countries where the hype is stronger than others.

New data by Statista shows the amount of people in different countries that used or own cryptocurrency. This graphic reflects the change from 2019 to 2021. For more info on cryptocurrencies check out Bitcoin Prime.

Which Country Owns the Most Bitcoin?

The most total bitcoin is owned by Americans, but the most individual people participating in the crypto economy are in India. You would expect America to lead in total crypto value owned since they are the wealthiest country. However, India has had the largest increase since 2019 in the amount of people owning or using cryptocurrencies.

Another interesting data point from the chart is China. There growth in crypto has come to a halt since the Chinese government banned cryptocurrencies in 2021. Surprisingly, Mexico has also stopped its growth in crypto ownership despite not issuing any regulation relating to the new asset class.

Of the countries surveyed, India, South Korea, Spain, The United States, and Germany have seen steady increases in adoption over the last 2 years. The trends are continuing to look good for the future of cryptocurrencies and bitcoin. It will be interesting to keep tabs on this data in the years ahead and see if any country starts to separate from the pack and identify themselves as a place for fostering crypto innovation. To make this research, we had to first study the number of cryptocurrency owners around the world and only after that, we divided them by country. This gave us the opportunity not only to draw up current charts, but also to predict the dynamics of the development of the cryptocurrency market for 2024-2025.