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Which Pasta Floats Your Boat

By | source:Here Jan 11th, 2019

Spaghetti is only one kind of pasta. There are enough of them to make your head explode.  Which ones do you like?                      When I was a little girl, I found out I did not like vermicelli. When I grew up, I only ever bought angel hair – it is thin and absorbs the sauce like no other pasta can! But if you’re having Bolognese sauce, pappardelle pasta is the one you need – it holds a lamb or veal ragu perfectly, giving you the ideal bite of meat sauce and pasta.

Macaroni is also amazing with a thick meat sauce and obviously cheese! It gets perfectly coated and keeps delicious bits in its nooks. And if you really want hidden flavor, ravioli and conchiglioni (shells) are a great option.   You can get a meat, cheese or vegetable surprise with either of those.

So, what pasta rules in your book? Maybe you haven’t made up your mind yet, but there are hundreds of different types, and the greatest texture for you is out there – guaranteed! Go on, experiment and enjoy!