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Who Is Better: Michael Jordan or Lebron James? Here’s the Answer

By | source:Here May 25th, 2022

LeBron James or Michael Jordan: Who Is the Best?

The debate of whether LeBron James or Michael Jordan is the best of all time is quite old. But the die-hard fans don’t seem to let go of the paradigm so easily. The fuel for this debate is often the legacy the players have created. But what if we take a statistical approach to figure out who is the best? Let’s do that.

Regular Season Stats

The best way to determine which players are the best is always the statistics. Which statistics do you think come first when NBA is involved? Of course, it’s the regular season stats. When compared between LeBron James and Michael Jordan, LeBron takes the win. If you look at the LeBron regular season stats, he’s still behind in a few cases, but his career is far from over.

Playoff Stats

Right before the finals, it’s the playoffs that fans are excited about. The Michael Jordan playoff stats as well as the LeBron James stats in playoffs could be a great peek into finding out who’s the best.

Finals Stats

The LeBron vs. Jordan finals stats gives Michael the better deal. In the finals, the current basketball sensation is yet to reach the level of legend Jordan has created.

Clutch Statistics

Very few players are as good as LeBron regarding NBA clutch statistics. Let’s first consider LeBron James’ clutch statistics. He has the highest number of clutch field goals since 2003!

Career Accolades and Awards

The 6 championships, 9 All-Defense appearances, and 10 scoring titles for Michale Jordan awards already show us who’s the best.


As you can see, the debate regarding who’s the best is yet to end. We couldn’t come up with a solid decision even after statistical analysis of both players. So, we recommend forgetting the debate and enjoying the odds you get at NBA bookmakers to bet on your favorite player or teams.