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Who’s The Impostor?

By | source:Here Oct 28th, 2020

What type of impostor are you? Impostor Syndrome occurs when a successful person doubts their abilities, and fears being caught out as a fraud. People who suffer from Impostor Syndrome believe that they got to where they are through sheer luck, and the condition is surprisingly prevalent. A review article in the Journal of Behavioral Sciences found that up to 70% of Americans will experience these self-doubts at least once during their career.

According to this infographic, there are five types of impostor syndrome, each complete with different coping mechanisms.

When Impostor Syndrome was first studied in the 1970’s it was thought unique to women, but scientists subsequently discovered that men often also feel like frauds in their positions. Women are, however, more likely to suffer from these doubts because of the societal contract which places on women the expectation that they will be good mothers, wives, and housekeepers.

Constant self-doubt can impact your mental and physical health. It can also have financial consequences. The best way to overcome the Impostor Syndrome is to know that you’re not alone. Be prepared to ask for help. Learn to take constructive criticism and acknowledge your gains and talents. Perhaps you are just where you were meant to be.