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Why Education Saves Lives Across The World

By | source:Global Partnership Nov 24th, 2018

We know getting an education helps you earn a higher income, but do you know that an educated population also saves lives on a global scale?

Since 1918 the United States has required an elementary education for all children. However, for children across the world, few opportunities exist for basic education. That’s why the Global Partnership for Education considers learning a critical component for achieving 17 global goals for health and well-being.

According to a report by the Education Commission, providing female students with a primary education saved more than 30 million lives of children under the age of 5. Knowledge leads to healthy choices and a wholesome lifestyle in general. For instance, educating our kids helps reduce HIV infections. The number of possible HIV infections that could have been avoided is mind-numbing – 700k people could have been saved from HIV each year.

A proper education impacts families for generations. Children with educated mothers are 50% more likely to be immunized and twice as likely to attend school. With these substantial benefits, it’s easy to understand why the Global Partnership for Education considers teaching children an essential goal. Speaking of education, check out how the Montessori Method works and how people benefit from this approach.