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Why Millennials Deserve More Respect

By | source:Adweek Nov 29th, 2017

Millennials have been given a bad rap by older generations as being self-indulged, self-righteous, and self-entitled to boot.  So how has their life philosophy evolved so strong over their years?

The biggest generation in the history of the United States, which makes up a population of 83 million young adults, has a social consciousness and an entrepreneurial spirit. Millennials make up 27 percent of the population of the world, which is two billion people in the age range of 19-to-35. They are the target of employers and retailers, and they own the Internet with an average of 7.7 connected devices.

As today’s infographic shows, millennials are self-starters, who would prefer to be self-employed rather than work for “the man”, even if it means they will work harder and make less money. Millennials already make up one-third of all entrepreneurs in America, and by 2025, they will comprise 75 percent of the workforce.

As the most educated generation in society, they would prefer to “be smart and never appreciated” rather than “be average and receive praise.”

While millennials are the darlings of social media, they still see thankfully the importance of “real” interpersonal relationships. Only five percent would prefer 10,000 Instagram or Twitter followers over 10 friends in the real world.

If their values don’t change as quickly as the trends they follow, the future of the world still looks pretty good with millennials at the helm.