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Win Rock Paper Scissors Every Time

By | source: Aug 5th, 2010

Finally, an infographic I supply in which y’all can use on a daily basis. Now I know you’re excited, but hold on, you have to read what I have to say first.

The first time I watched the Rock Paper Scissor World Championship I was in the most beautiful place on earth: Turks and Caicos. A tiny white-beached island chain only a hop, skip and a jump from Fidel Castro’s homeland. Some of the best pristine reefs and a huge abundance of sea-life make Turks and Caicos one of the greatest dive spots in the Caribbean.

Yes I was inside my hotel room watching the RPS Championship on TV….. Don’t get mad at me, I kinda was just roped into it. My cousin was watching and I sat down (my first mistake) then my attention was engulfed by the ridiculously serious RPS competitors.

In the beginning of the competition there are goofy amateurs who dress up in costumes and get destroyed by the real players. One competitor nicknamed ‘The Rock’ made it to the third round. The kicker? He only played rock. Somehow the first two competitors were too dumb to counter The Rock’s thought-out attack plan. (Two, too and to were used in that sentence. I’m cool.) The Rock lost of course, just demolished by ‘The Paper’ in the third round…kidding.

So the winner of this competition gets to be on TV (Even broadcasted in Turks and Caicos) and a check for $10,000. Yeah, where is this competition held, cause I’m in. [Via]

By the way, I wasn’t inside all the time on this holiday, here’s a pic of the shark I dove with — cause it’s Sharkweek.