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Women and Their Skin: A Love- Hate Relationship

By | source: May 10th, 2014

Itâ??s not taboo to hear about the body issues American women face every day. From body shamming, to the constant re-occurring Proactive commercials, companies have capitalized off of womens’ insecurities.

A common insecurity women face other than the size and shape of their bodyâ??s is their skin. From a simple blemish, to all the way to vitiligo, women have to worry about everything. The pressure women face to maintain not only a lean frame, but a flawless face is truly a growing problem.  

A study by Noxema revealed how women truly feel about their face, and the results were upsetting. A startling 25% of women surveyed state that they would give up sex for a month in replacement of clear skin! Todayâ??s infographic visually lays out common skin care woes women face, and some saddening statistics that the Noxema study found, not to mention some simple tips for healthy skin. Enjoy! [via]