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Why We Need More Women In Construction

By | source:Here Aug 26th, 2020

The construction industry is perhaps one of the oldest (and probably one the most conservative) industries out there. I know that for a fact as I studied Civil Engineering. I worked in it, and I usually bump into it one way or the other.

While the industry has tried to embrace new approaches and technologies in order to create wonders in this modern world, the industry also has some kind of…stubborness to change, so to speak. I’ve seen it first-hand. As such, it’s not really a surprise to learn that it’s a career that greatly lacks diversity. It’s estimated that the percentage of women in construction is around 3.4%.

While there are many reasons for this, one of the most pernicious elements is that recruitment itself is commonly not looking forward to including more women into the workforce. Since the construction industry is mostly believed to be a male-oriented kind of activity, it tends to not encourage women to seek out any of the many careers in the field. On the other hand, the gender bias that exists in the industry tends to simply push off any idea that women have a place if they do try to enter the field. This is seen even as simply as the fact that construction tools and equipment are not commonly designed for women to wear.

This infographic takes a look at the small percentage of women currently working on the construction industry, as well as showcases the importance and the benefits that companies achieve by having a more inclusive approach to having female workers both in the field and in management areas.