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Extreme Party Disasters Fueled by Facebook

By | source:Here Sep 17th, 2018

What qualifies as a party disaster? Running out of booze? 20 people using the same bathroom? Destroying a 1.5 million-dollar house? Planning a gathering readies you for the small challenges. Thinking ahead, like preparing the cake a couple of days beforehand, or choosing your outfit the previous night can make a world of difference in your stress levels. However, there are various types of party disasters that no preparation or to-do list can prevent.

Today’s party disasters can be classified as real cataclysm, changing these people’s lives forever. Ok, maybe not THAT intense, but you get the drill. If you fancy having some friends over and enjoying a couple of drinks, then be careful who you let into your home. In fact, be prepared for the worst! From ruining mansions to drunk teenagers, parties can quickly get out of hand without you even noticing.

After seeing these horror stories, I’m a firm believer in separating parties and the world wide web. Mainly because it’s one thing to host a small gathering of friends and family to have a drink and celebrate life whereas letting a dozen strangers overrun your house can wreck it. Of course, I’m nowhere near THAT popular, but there’s always the risk, ya know?