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Your Brain on Prescription Drugs

By | source: Mar 25th, 2012

Prescription drugs are, in my opinion, one of contemporary America’s most pervasive evils. I hear people say things like “You know, there’s a pill for everything!” and my brain hurts. This is all-to-common of a statement.

This quick-fix attitude is EXTREMELY detrimental, and has been fostered passionately by the pharmaceutical industry as well as the advertisers that work with them.

These are legal substances that poison you. They come in many varieties. We’ve all seen the tweaked-out kid on adderall trying in vain to save their grade on test day, blindly led by the notion that such a pill had the power to make them successful at school.

Adderall is only the tip of the iceberg. As this infographic illustrates, the number of prescription drug overdose deaths has increased drastically in the past few years.

Please, if you are considering getting a prescription or taking any prescription drugs, familiarize yourself with this insidious killer. (via)

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