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Why You Should Move Into Your Parents’ Garage

By | source:Here Jul 19th, 2021

Maybe moving back home wasn’t such a bad idea after all! 

This past year has seen no shortage of Millenials and Gen Zers having to move back in with their parents due to financial hardship and a lack of affordable housing options. And while enjoying mom’s home cooking and getting to skip rent payments are surely enough to put a smile on your face, the transition from complete freedom back to parental supervision can be a tough one. 

If your parents don’t mind parking their cars in the driveway, I might have just the solution for you. What’s better than living in your parents’ basement? Living in their garage. If your parents don’t mind parking in the driveway, the seven steps in this infographic can help transform their garage into a full-fledged apartment. And hey, they might even foot the bill if it means keeping you around. 

Sure, it won’t be quite as much independence as having a separate mailing address, but at least you’re just a stone’s throw away to a stocked pantry. And once you’re ready to spread your wings again, garage-turned-apartments make fantastic guest houses, or can even be rented out as AirBnBs for some extra cash!