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The Effects of Flip Flops on Your Body [infographic]

09/12/2013  |  2 Comments

09/12/2013 • As summer draws to an end, most of y'all will begin to bring out your winter clothes, and start packing

A Lifetime of Medical Checkups [infographic]

09/05/2013  |  No Comments

09/05/2013 • According to today's infographic, the most common fatal illnesses are cancer and cardiovascular disease. While many of these illnesses have

The History of Cheese [infographic]

08/29/2013  |  2 Comments

08/29/2013 • "Can I have more cheese please?" I feel like I always ask this question at restaurants. But seriously, how can

How Soda Impacts Your Body [infographic]

08/22/2013  |  4 Comments

08/22/2013 • Who hasn't heard of the deliciously fizzy drink called soda? Depending on what part of the country you're in, soda

10 Early Signs of Alzheimer’s [infographic]

08/15/2013  |  1 Comment

08/15/2013 • I just finished reading this amazingly heartbreaking book called, Still Alice. The story tells of the struggles and ultimate transformation