The Student Lifecycle [infographic]

03/01/2014  |  No Comments

03/01/2014 • How many other college students remember the painful process of applying to college? I sure do. And I only applied

Get More Out of Google [infographic]

02/16/2014  |  2 Comments

02/16/2014 • Have you ever spent hours searching Google (or any other search engine for that matter) for documents, articles, or information

The Oxford Comma [infographic]

01/28/2014  |  8 Comments

01/28/2014 • There's this little thing in the grammar world called an Oxford comma. Basically, it is the comma placed before the

The Learning Power of Legos [infographic]

01/17/2014  |  2 Comments

01/17/2014 • Nothing hurts more than stepping on a Lego, or finding out that your parent sold all your Legos in a

The Book is Not Dead [infographic]

01/10/2014  |  1 Comment

01/10/2014 • E-books are a great thing, one can take thousands of books with them but without all the weight. But books