The Sleeping Habits of the Rich and Famous [infographic]

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02/26/2015 • Who would've known Winston Churchill's sleep habits were actually the more similar to the public than Ben Franklin. It's true

10 Crazy Facts About Russia [infographic]

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02/02/2015 • Russia and the US have never been good friends. Tensions between us have wavered for decades upon decades. At the

What Are The Largest Sizes of Ocean Giants? [infographic]

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01/19/2015 • PeerJ published an amazing study this week: "Sizing ocean giants: Patterns of intraspecific size variation in marine megafauna" by Craig McClain

The True Cost of Comic Sans [infographic]

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01/14/2015 • Comic Sans has long been the punching bag of the typography world. It's goofy, childish looking, and has one downfall illuminated in

10 Amazing Hair Facts [infographic]

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01/02/2015 • I've always wondered when hair became something so associated with beauty. At what point in human history did someone start