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How Art Is Becoming An Algorithm

By | source:Here Apr 19th, 2024

Can art be reduced to merely an equation? My initial thought is of course not– art is about expressing your internal emotions, not about plugging numbers into an algorithm. However, just as Artificial Intelligence is taking over the tech sphere, it’s changing the way we think about art as well. 

Instead of using pencils or paintbrushes, AI uses algorithms to create beautiful images. Just as the works of human artists are influenced by an accumulation of their life experiences, AI’s algorithms are formed by a computer analyzing thousands of existing artworks. 

While this might just seem like another notch in the “computers are taking our jobs!” belt, it’s important to remember that creating an algorithm can be considered an art form itself. Just because an artist is working on a computer screen instead of a canvas doesn’t mean that they’re not engaged in the process of creation.

When you look at an artwork created by AI, you get the chance to think more dynamically. You’re able to see that there is artistry not just in the product, but also in the process. 

The viewer is given the unique opportunity to assign their own definition to the work, rather than simply admiring the goal that the artist had while creating it. 

Algorithms and art don’t have to be seen as opposites. Rather, AI gives us the opportunity to blend the worlds of precise technology and expressive creativity.