Happiest Airline Employees [infographic]

11/09/2012  |  2 Comments

11/09/2012 • Flying has always been one of my favorite ways to travel. As a child I would use American almost every

Distracted Teen Drivers [infographic]

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11/02/2012 • Do you text and drive? Well you suck. Texting and driving is actually National Teen Driver Safety Week - Michigan

The Real Cost of Traffic Jams [Infographic]

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10/15/2012 • If you live anywhere near a metropolitan city in the U.S., you know how much of a hassle the traffic

Gigantic Cars [infographic]

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09/27/2012 • It’s no doubt that American’s love everything bigger. From McDonald’s supersize it option, to big diesel trucks; everything seems to

Max Speed Limits by US State [infographic]

09/07/2012  |  1 Comment

09/07/2012 • Speeds limits differ from state to state, but just this year Texas took a step further and gave the okay