Chemicals in Cigarette Smoke [infographic]

January 26, 2011 |  by  |  Lifestyle

For you cigarette smokers (and non-smokers) out there here is an infographic on what is in your typical cigarette. For me, smoking is gross, and I don’t feel that anyone should be a smoker, but I cannot tell you what you can, and cannot do. I’m not here to hate on smokers and feel that anyone should be able to make their own choice. However, I am in support of laws that restrict where people are allowed to smoke. Main reason being that when you smoke, you are not only affecting yourself, you are affecting those around you as well. People around you are forced to inhale your second-hand smoke and get then are left smelling like a smoker even though they never took a puff. [via]

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Chemicals in cigarettes

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