Eco-Housing 101 [infographic]

February 11, 2012 |  by  |  Environmental, Lifestyle

While running an eco-friendly home is not a high priority on many people’s list, today’s infographic tells you how to do just that. Although it’s from the UK, it can be very insightful to even us Amercians.

The tips range from basic knowledge, such as turning off the water when you brush your teeth, to insulation tips that can put more than a few pennies back into your wallet.

Not too many of the tips below are things I haven’t heard of, but I will say I don’t practice energy conservation as much as I should. With a good number of the tips being something as simple as turning off a faucet or not charging my phone all night, I plan to start.  Hopefully you’ll join me! [Via]


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  • tonyb

    Think the shower versus bath comparison is wrong. I think they meant that a shower uses 120% of or 20% more than a bath not 20% or 80% less than a bath.

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  • imeco

    Hope this helps explain the bath -v- shower costs.

    average bath takes 150 litres to fill. A cubic meter of water contains 1000
    litres. The average bath contains 20 pence worth of
    water. A five minute shower uses approximately 90 litres of water which costs
    about 12 pence.


    forget to add the cost of what goes down the drain! Bath waste water costs 16
    pence to get rid of and 10 pence for a shower.


    Now total
    costs for comparison are

    Bath = 37
    pence = £259.00 per year*

    5 minute
    Shower high flow rate = 22 pence** = £154.00 per year*

    5 minute
    Shower standard flow rate = 12 pence** = £84.00 per year*


    * based on 2 instances per day for 350 days per year


    **Note the shower flow rate is based on optimum 18 litres per minute.
    Many operate at approximately 10 litres per minute. This reduces the shower
    costs to 12 pence [7 pence for water and 6 pence for waste water to sewer]

    Green Deal Ecologic improving your world without costing the earth

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