Geek Streak [infographic]

December 6, 2011 |  by  |  Funny, Lifestyle

Were about to get geeky! People use the word geek easily. I’m pretty much constantly calling my friends geeks. While each of them is different, they are all quirky and geeky in their own particular way. Geeks of the world unite, and figure out which category you fall under (and why)!

Seeing as I spend the majority of my time on the internet reading about music and pop culture, I think I can safely consider myself a hybrid of the “music geek” and the “pop culture geek.” And I definitely have friends who are the “fantasy football geek” (Dominic), “Star Trek geek” (my dad), “Gleek geek” (every tween everywhere) and “world of warcraft” geek (my brother).

Do you fit in a category, or do you need to form your own hybrid? [Via]

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  • Me

    why are all the geeks men?

    • Guest

      I guess boobs are too hard to draw.

    • person

      women don’t like things silly, they’re only in it to get popular with a specific crowd.

      • The Girl Geek

        Em… I am a girl and I like not all but most things

        • Rnsmith

          I;m a girl too, but maybe that’s why…because we like too many things.

        • invisible

          The person was being sarcastic, love. For all you know, they could be a girl as well.

          • Asphodel

            I doubt it. Even if they were joking, no girl would ever say that.

      • Pissed-off Nerd Girl

        Idiot. You obviously don’t know girls at all. The only ones you know about are the popular ones. Geeks aren’t exactly popular, except in geek/nerd circles. I’m a D&D and Fiasco nerd, and proud of it. I did NOT get into them because I thought it would make me more popular, I did it because I thought they looked fun. You are one of the most sexist people I have ever seen.

        • iWaffle

          People on the internet take things too seriously its the internet and there bound to be people with different opinions. You are one of those people.

        • phileono

          he was probably trying to be sarcastic. Don’t be too harsh on him now

        • butts

          You’re a damn fool is what you are, and I think you meant to say sexiest. It’s cool though, I can help you guys hook up

        • Ricardo Hirang

          and this is why you girls are still a joke to the internet majority.

          inb4-white knight harder faggot

  • not me.

    shut up.

  • Anthony M Watson


    • Marc Windmill

      Same Lol

    • Milli

       Hell yeah!

    • Kazi Iqbal


  • Sanya Pomozi

    Hungarians are in everywhere!!! :D

  • maz

    being geek is being passionate

    go Glee geeks and music geeks and film geeks!!!!

  • ME!!!!

    Wow im a total geek. Most of the things i see in the chart descriptor me 

    • Charlie

      Ditto… however, they forgot one of the most well known “geeks” that died out as the term became ‘favorable’… The obnoxious, techno babble, “TANDY” RadioShack “Techno Geek” “Radio Geek” or “TRS-80 – Computer Geek”… (back when the company still had it’s original values)

  • JoeTheMuffinMan

    Being called a geek was kinda good then glee  came along and not it just dont sound right :/.

  • Tiago

    I’m a  bit of everything! What am I?!

  • Romulo Eop

    TCG geeks forgoten :P

  • Your Mum


    • Nateturner99

      i think that is under music geek

  • Britt

    Wheres MTG? 

  • Jennyluvsbunnies


  • Dasda

    Great Job :)

  • Vsauce guest

    Geek chic? So this would be favorable talents. I would go under Video game, Film, and Food. I would say apple tech geek was an out break in 2004 as every one had a mild case of i need an Ipod. Music geeks started forming more rapidly since Ipod geeks. Finally i see Geek Chic, that i see every time when a geek finally hangs out with a girl.
    BTW: passionate can be mistaken for addiction
    As video games are an addiction. As in i would totally miss sleep to play.

  • Yerko

    i am video game g

  • Vsauce sent me here

    Vsauce army!

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  • Mandi

    I thank u for putting otaku on here! Most people forget we are geeks too :p

  • anonymous

    you never ever ever say the word “twilight” when speaking about lord of the rings and other respectable books at the same time…..

    • TheDecentGatsby


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  • GeneGeek

    Another descendant from the Geek Chic : the Genealogy Geek.

    • Jean

      What about genetics geeks? That would be under academics, I guess. I am absolutely OBSESSED with genetics. There are SO MANY experiment I would like to try, but over half would be impossible until after I die. I’m also a factoids geek.

  • invisible

    I suppose band geeks would fall simply under music or academic geeks then? 

    • Icarus

      Music geeks. Band isn’t necessarily academic.

  • Cherrycocacolakitten

    i am every single one of those! ( + cat freak )

  • Blahblahdiddah

    Wheres minecraft geek

    • iWaffle

      Forever alone D:

  • XenophonTechnology

    Lol, real computer geeks use Windows though xD

    • zeosrule

      I use OS X for FCP. I am a computer geek. Note the first half of my screen name.

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  • djkiranappiah

    Soon, Minecraft Geek will have a place there!

    • Minecraft Stevie

      Go Minecraft! it’s already on MY chart :)

  • Galatzera

    I am a manga, anime, vocaloid, and video game otaku

  • marimo34

    I don’t think the description of the Otaku geek is correct, as I’m in the undesrtanding that manga didn’t evolve from comics or viceversa.

  • Adixisop

    WOW GEEK! <3

  • L

    it makes me happy to see that otaku got it’s own category

    • Anon


  • Notch

    (v) (s) (au) (ce) only true nerds know why I did that

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  • STail

    Wow, this is so far off the mark. Twilight? LEET speak? Lowbrow culture and entirely not geeky. I am disappointed.

  • Elf

    wait where’s LOTR geek?

  • cheezit

    I’m a book geek (Harry Potter) and pop culture geek

  • :DD


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    This is really shitty. Why and when the hell on earth sports are part of “geekness”. Fantasy Football Geek doesn’t exist. Who the HELL ON EARTH SAID THAT FOOTBALL ALSO BELONGS TO GEEK. Sports should end. In my opinion VideoGameGeek belongs to Tech geek. I also liked the Steve Urkel Part. AHAH. Update this shitty list. Take out sports!!!!
    Long Live VSAUCE!!!!!!!


    I also forgot to say that Glee has nothing to do with geek. A a failure FOX!!!!!


    HHEEEEEYYYYY!!! There are also female geeks. How do you think we reproduce?!


    I am really not kidding but I’m all the categories except fantasy football, glee,chic, star trek(Admite it, Star Wars is better) and gecken (I never killed a chicken)…(Just in case, I0m a Male Geek).



  • I <3 Cats

    Yes! Geeks should be more appreciated, as they are those who actually make positive changes in our society. Go geeks go!

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  • John

    No doctor who geek? I was waiting for that just to come up.

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