Humans vs. Animals [infographic]

March 10, 2012 |  by  |  Animals

Humans are the most unique animals on the planet. Because of our ability to effectively communicate, opposable thumbs, and other traits; Humans have the upper hand over any other species on earth. However, some animals have some of the same traits as humans, making them truly unique among their own.

According to today’s infographic, there are human traits found in many other species as well. For example, like humans, elephants show empathy towards other elephants that are not well. Also like humans, ravens are capable of developing tools to immobilize and crack eggs to eat.

However, no other species can compare to a human’s ability to run long distances. Our two legs allow us to run long distances without excreting large amounts of energy. Humans are truly amazing unique animals, and our abilities to continue expand our span of thought show that we are capable of many more great things. I can’t imagine where the human race will be 30 years from now, but I can assure you that it will be an amazing life as we experience it. [via]

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  • reha

    i think you should add pinterest share button to your site. pinterest gives more traffic than twitter these days to websites. thanx for these cool infographis. 

  • Guest

    Good post, but one small nitpick: you don’t “excrete” energy.  I think you meant “expend.”

  • Ivan Hubert Juan

    only it says “Lifespam” instead of “lifespan” lol

  • Josh Sowden

    Suggesting that humans are the most advanced species on earth suggests a profound misunderstanding of evolution or arrogance. We don’t even have the technically most evolved brains (various dolphins holding that crown) nor the greatest biomass. We have incredible traits, but so do many other species.

    • Ivana Mladenova

      Maybe dolphins have more brain surface, but we have more cortical neurons, synapses, larger frontal lobes, 6 cortical layers compared to a dolphins 5, thicker corpus callosum and bigger hippocampus. Dolphins do not have the largest brains either. What crown are you talking about?

  • Tommy white

    The only reason we have been at the top was because of technology(weapons,tools,etc.).If you take that away, then we’d be as dead as a duck out in the natural world. It would our turn to live in fear and become the prey for the things that we have laughed at,mocked, disregarded.

  • Ivana Mladenova

    Inferior to animals? Sorry to dissapoint you but endurance is not the only thing that we have. Our thumbs are more dextrous than those of other animals. The tools that primates and crovids make are nothing compared to those that we make. Among mammals only bowhead whales can outlive us. Its not fair to compare the lifespan of an animal like tortoises, that has much lower metabolic rates and slower lifes than humans. A dolphin cannot see better than hawks, cannot smell better than dogs, cannot hear lower sounds than elephants, is not big like a whale, do not have larger teeth than sharks, cannot survive out of the water for long periods of time – yet we do not consider it inferior, right? Nor a hawk can smell like dogs, or hear like dolphins, or run fast on land like cheetahs. But we do not consider it inferior. Raptors need extreme eye acuteness because they need to spot those tiny rodents while flying high. Humans never needed hawk vision (although we have eye acuteness that is rather uncommon among mammals) because we do not fly, or acute sense of smell because our heads are too high from the ground to detect scents, or echolocation because we are not nocturnal. Our erect posture do not allow us to sprint fast. It sound funny to compare wingless mammal to a bird. Instead you should ask yourself how fast bats fly compared to birds, or how fast are dolphins compared to the fastest fish. Sounds fair, or maybe not? We evolved from the hot Africa – we were persistence hunters and all we needed was endurance, efficient cooling system, thumbs and brains. Nothing more.

  • jjj

    And we can throw things better than any animal