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Rock of Ages: Evolution of SXSW

By | source: Mar 13th, 2012

The SXSW season is upon us. For college kids, it is the season of RSVP-ing to every free event possible hoping for free beer. It is the season of lines, shows and drunken-ness. For the marketers, creatives, software-ers, financers, it is the season of interactive talks, networking and key note speakers. What a difference a few years and a real job makes.

This infographic follows the progression of SXSW, which started as a music festival in 1987 to “interactive launch pad” in it’s modern prime. It currently attracts a bit of an older crowd, with 40% being between ages 31-40 and 57% earning over $85,000/yr. While this seems strange to me, with all of my youngester friends posting photos and statuses about all things southby, it is important to remember that they/I attend UNofficial events. The interactive portion of the festival attracts marketing companies, non profits, start-ups and venture capitalists, web developers, media companies etc. Companies choose to launch new ideas and products for the “wired,” intelligent audience, intersection of music, film and technology at the festival, and the wide array of disciplines included in the conference.

I am more than happy to be prancing around the unofficial, free parties with my pals, but I hope to one day be able to attend and contribute to the interactive portion of sxsw. It is an innovative environment of creative professionals, and a great addition to the festival’s unique environment. [Via]