Hunger Relief Programs [infographic]

February 5, 2013 |  by  |  Food

Hunger is a large problem world wide. Putting food on the table isn’t always as simple as it sounds, and when you have hungry mouths to feed it can spiral out of control. Thankfully, companies like Bank of America are trying to help. Supporting hunger relief programs is a top priority for Bank of America. They have been working to end hunger since 2008 with donations and volunteering. They are bringing food to millions of hungry people, helping to relieve the pain and settle the rumbling stomaches.

Bank of America worked to bring 16 million pounds of food, serving 7 million meals. We thank you for all of the hard work.[Via]

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  • 29Teddy

    So the Bank of America is providing charity to the people it has displaced by its deceptive and unethical (not to mention illegal) practices in the real estate industry? Gee, that is heart-warming. Wow, $5 milion whole dollars!
    A message to BoA: 1) the publics aren’t as gullible as you think and 2) wrapping your brand in a cloak of “corporate social responsiblity” will not absolve you from your role in the banking debacle – no matter how cute the infographic is.