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Christmas Traditions Around the World

By | source:Here Dec 8th, 2021

The end of year holiday season has finally arrived! It’s a time of giving, spending time with family, and celebrating the traditions the holidays bring. With the holiday season, people around the world have many traditions that they follow every year.

One of the traditions my family follows at Christmas is a German tradition called the ‘Christmas Pickle.’ The tradition involves an ornament in the shape of a pickle that is hidden in the tree on Christmas morning. Whoever finds the ornament first gets to open the first present. It’s a fun start to Christmas morning.

The holiday season equals holiday food. A tradition in South Africa involves eating bugs for Christmas. Yup, they eat bugs. A common treat South Africans eat for the holidays are emperor moths. They fry them in oil and dig in.

A tradition that might be a bit quirky to adopt is putting gifts in shoes. This is where Dutch Santa sails on a steamboat and leaves presents inside the children’s shoes. He leave little trinkets, toys, and sometimes fruit. That’s one way to not forget to bring snacks when going out!

I love spending the holiday season with my family and celebrating our traditions each year. If you are in need of some gift ideas, here are the most popular toys throughout the years.