iPad Education Dilemma [infographic]

February 21, 2012 |  by  |  Education, Tech

Technology and education go hand in hand in our modern society. Even high school students can’t survive without a computer. Computers are used to research for projects, type papers and assignments and to chat with friends on facebook;). With the introduction of the iPad, Apple has had the vision to use the iPad to innovate the way schools use technology.

Apple has introduced a software to create textbooks for the iPad. High school students can now obtain textbooks on their iPad, instead of recieving hard copy textbooks. The cost is a big deterrent to implementing this new way to access schoolwork. To start fresh, using textbooks is 41% cheaper than iPads. This is a huge cost increase for an institution that is currently facing major budget cuts that have lead to teacher layoffs.

How do you feel about iPad textbooks? I personally understand the benefits to college use, cutting the high textbook costs for students, considering how many college students already have iPads, but I don’t see the practicality for high school students. What do you think? [Via]

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  • Patryck Boberg

    Isn’t the iPad textbook deal more about college kids?

  • Globalaquaponics

    I don’t think the numbers add up. School books can be well over $100 per book, especially in the sciences. 6 books per quarter not per year would be more like it. I you could buy the book for $10 like you can at amazon for your ipad or a lap top, or a computer. Why would all students need to buy an ipad. The question is why can’t you order a text book at amazon? Oh and don’t forget the tree saving.

  • GingerTwin2

    I see a major flaw in the calculations done for the two schools.  School 1 it appears has only calculations for 1 year while school 2 has calculations for 4 years.  I am unclear how a relevant verdict can be made when the same time frame is not being compared.  This seems like very sloppy data collection.

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  • http://twitter.com/MudassirHashmi Mudassir Hashmi

    Ipad is a sure shot thing to be successful but the only issue that remains to be addressed is to change the pattern of education along with the channel of education and to make sure that students can grasp and understand way more than the traditional way. This might open humungous opportunities for developers, consultants as well as teachers themselves who chose to have a much more creative approach in teaching as well as identifying student needs, individually.

  • http://twitter.com/somethingscript Benjamin K

    There are a few flaws:
    1. You used a 1-year time-frame for textbook but a 4 year time-frame for iPads. If they were both using the same time-frame then the former would cost 60% more (430K/720K).
    2. You assume that textbooks are free, whereas iPads are not, therefore working families couldn’t afford them. However, that doesn’t equate to what was previously mentioned: that buying iPads for students would be significantly cheaper over 4 years than textbooks. They wouldn’t be paying anything if the iPads were bought by the school as they should be, assuming that textbooks are bought for the school.