Marijuana and your Brain [infographic]

March 3, 2012 |  by  |  Lifestyle

Marijuana. Legalize it or not? That’s the question many states are debating; whether to legalize the recreational or medical use of Mary Jane. The arguments that marijuana is an addictive substance and can act as a gateway to harder drugs are top reasons why legalization probably hasn’t happened yet.

I honestly have mixed feelings about the topic. I just can’t seem to commit to a concrete stance on my option on the legalization of marijuana.  It would be a strange to imagine a world where marijuana was de-criminalized. I seriously cannot put a picture to it. Although, I feel like life would be so much more simple and just.

A good way to begin picturing a world with legalized marijuana would be to learn how weed affects the brain. Today’s infographic color codes the brain as it is affected by the substance. It seems that most areas of the brain affected only produces positive effects from weed. From curing pain to reducing nausea, weed seems to offer more perks than what most people would think. Although increased appetite might be a negative effect for those who are trying to lose some extra weight for spring break.

So there ya go, a small peak at which parts of the brain weed affects. Go out and spread the word so maybe you can help someone else gain better insight to the positive and negative affects of marijuana. [via]


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  • Lara Starr

    I will agree to some of these ‘facts’ in your article, but not all of them. I have been researching Cannabis for over a decade. I have never heard of ANYONE having ‘delusions and hallucinations’ from consuming it. The Govt has been using that as a fear tactic for years and its constantly proven untrue. Maybe if someone laced it with acid or PCP they might experience hallucinations, but THC alone would never cause it. Also, smokers may experience some trouble remembering what they did when they were really high, but it has never effected long term memory.

    This article doesn’t cover all the information we know about Cannabis’s effect on the brain. It doesn’t  even list half the positive things we have discovered within the past 40 years alone. For example…  Nixon first started Govt testing on Cannabis in the early 1970s. He wanted to prove that Cannabis CAUSED cancer so he would have a larger budget for his drug war. In 1974 the results of the study were published. Turns out, THC will attack any mutated cells in your body if you ingest it in highly concentrated form. (Such as eating hemp oil which is almost pure THC) Long story short, Cannabis can break down tumors, heal bacterial infections (such as MRSA) and it can even CURE CANCER. Dont believe me? Look it up! There have been hundreds if not thousands of people that have used Cannabis oil to cure their Cancer and when used properly it has had a 100% success rate. You need to ask yourself why the Govt hasn’t released this information over the past 40 years. Ask yourself why it took dozens of dedicated health and law professionals to file Freedom of Information Requests just to learn about these studies. The REAL reason Cannabis hasnt been legalized isnt because its harmful. Its because legalization of it would ruin corporate profits! The Pharmaceutical companies (who spend BILLIONS lobbying to keep Cannabis illegal) make TRILLIONS off the medications that would be rendered useless when the public discovers the truth. The public NEEDS TO KNOW that they dont have to spend their life savings on Chemotherapy drugs that only work 1/4 of the time. They can cure Cancer just by growing a harmless plant in their back yard.

    On a more personal note, my Grandmother died on my 24th birthday due to pancreatic Cancer. Pancreatic Cancer is one of the Cancers that has been CURED by ingesting Cannabis oil. If I had only known that there were other options, she could still be alive today. I don’t blame Cancer for her death. I blame the Pharmaceutical companies for lying, I blame the US Govt for its deceit and I blame the so called ‘Journalists’ in the media who could have reported all this information YEARS AGO had they done proper research on the subject. Next time, dig a little deeper before you publish an article about Cannabis.  

    • Nate

      I can personally say that I have had one ” delusion or hallucination” while on pot. Only once, though, and I’ve been using it for a long time. Oh, and before you ask, no I wasn’t on anything else at the time.

  • pfroehlich2004

    If you live in Connecticut and want to end marijuana prohibition in our state, please take a minute to visit

    Please pass this on to anyone you know in Connecticut!

  • Citizen

    This would be great if it were actually factual. Delusions and hallucinations? Yeah – I don’t think so. Not form straight weed, anyway. And as for dependency… nope. Maybe in your mind, but not physically.
    As an aside, if you want help picturing “a world where marijuana was de-criminalized” try this – picture the world just as it is, only with less violence and a lot less people in jail for no good reason. Can you see it?   

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  • GBSS


  • GBSS

     Asking someone who doesn’t understand what being dependent is to tell you if they are dependent to marijuana, and then using these numbers to draw up graphics meant to inform people about marijuana is dumber than those asked if they were dependent. That’s not data on marijuana, its data on someones opinion.