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November 21, 2011 |  by  |  Health, Holiday

Can’t wait, only two days of school this week and Thanksgiving break starts, a break full of eating and lounging around. Anyway let’s talk about today’s infographic, The Hairy Truth About the Moustache, here at DI we love facial hair. It’s all we ever talk about, those can grow it, do it, and those who can’t have facial hair envy. Nobody does it better than our heros ZZ Top, they are truly beard guards. We always make sure to attend every beard competition held in America and special occasions we have gotten to go over sees and some competitions there. Oh those Europeans they grow a whole different breed of beard, nothing like some good ol America scruff. I could talk about facial hair all day.

You may have noticed the men around you growing facial hair they normally don’t carry, that’s thanks to Mowvember the month formerly known as November. In order to increase awareness for prostate cancer among other cancers men grow moustaches as a means of raising funds. To read more about it check out the site here. [via]

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Moustache Infographic

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  • London Hilton

    This is just wrong data, on every level.
    And while on this site very often some IG is based on completely wrong data, this is not smartphone market share or most popular food in the world, this is something that can really start false alarm – and very unpleasant alarm in the reader’s mind.

    Are you serious? 50% of men and 33% of women will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime?
    Are you serious ?- because this question bears repeating.

    Oh. My. God.

    Now back to school, google some other page than greenpieceofshizzlish and take some real medical stats, you know, the analysis which you have to read, not some stupid IG on other stupid site.

    Just a hint so you could compare your previous data source with some relevant : in 2008 cca 600 000 people were diagnosed with some kind of cancer in the US.
    And not 150 milion. Not even close to your estimation.

    Gosh, if this is a troll post it’s a great one.

    • Troll Victim

      I’m confused… are you trolling? It does not say anywhere on the infographic that 150 million people were diagnosed with cancer in 2008… how are these numbers that wrong? and can you provide us with links to ‘correct’ data?

      • London Hilton

        ok, how many of citizens live in US, 320 million?
        And you are ok with the bullshit fact, that 1 in 7 men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer,
        and 1 in 2… I repeat… HALF OF THE MEN population will be diagnosed with CANCER.
        Half of the men were not even diagnosed with flu in their lifetime.
        So considering the statmenent, that 1 of 2 men and 1 of 3 women will be diagnosed, put it together,
        and you’ve got nearly 150 million people who will be diagnosed with cancer.
        Yeah, and you still can’t see nothing wrong with that numbers?

        The official records for cancer in US – google it yourself, i am not the one providing shady infographics,
        are saying around 600 000 people, men and women, were diagnosed with any kind of cancer in 2008.


        • Guest

          Ok, I just googled “chance of getting cancer in your lifetime”

          First result:

          Risk of developing: 44%
          or 1 in: 2

          Risk of developing: 37.76%
          or 1 in: 3

          The numbers very significantly by type of cancer, but your chance of getting any kind of cancer at any time is 1 in 2 if you’re male and 1 in 3 if you’re female.

          • Guest

            Oops, not at any time, but at some point in your life.

        • Troll Victim


    • Brenden

      There is a list of source at the bottom of the original post:

      And it looks the 1 in 2 comes directly from Prostate Cancer Canada: (bottom of the 2nd page)

      • London Hilton

        yeah, so you’ve got 50% chance to get cancer according to that numbers and you take it as a fact, right? No further research, nothing.
        All the money you paid for education should be refunded to you. You apparently didn’t get much from it.

        • Brenden

          Note to self: do not feed the trolls

  • London Hilton

    it’s just unbelievable how stupid can mankind be.
     less than 1% percent of popullation over the world was diagnosed with cancer,
    and you still take it as fact that half of the people will be diagnosed…

    it’s like you skipped entire life of math class.

    I am not the troll, your desinterpretation of data is trolling. Massive, stupid, and false.

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  • Sabrina

    This is a great infographic. Check out this funny blog with an infographic on what your Mo says about you!