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The Seven Types of iPhone Owners

By | source: Nov 22nd, 2011

These days everyone has an iphone. Well almost everyone. It seems that the only people who don’t have them are either waiting for their contract to expire or have tmobile. Either way, they would have one if they could. Now for the rest of us who have converted to the best phone every, this infographic provides a little portrait of what category we should fall under.

I have definitely seen a lot of “fanboy” archetypes, those loyal apple customers who would die for the latest, greatest version. These are the ones who show up to apple stores the night before the launch of a new iphone, waiting to be one of the first to buy it. These are the ones I see at the mall in lines wrapped around a kiosk. Just admit it, you apple-junkies. We know some of you have camped out for an apple product before…

Another common archetype is definitely the “senior citizen.” Many of my friends parents have iphones because they the new hip technological item, but use it to call only. What a shame! They just aren’t as technologically savvy as us youngsters who spend our days playing games or reading fashion blogs (me).

Many of my friends would probably call me an “over user.” Although I am ashamed, I will admit that they may be true. I don’t spend my time playing games (I only have like two: unblock me and words with friends), I definitely spend my time on twitter, instagram and reading blogs. Yes, you can read article after article on Thought Catalog, Betches Love This, and various other entertaining blogs while zoning out in class. It’s glorious!

So if you have an iphone, you MUST confess, which archetype are you? Do you fall into a category or do you need to invent your own?? [Via]