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June 22, 2011 |  by  |  Lifestyle

This summer presented a perfect opportunity for me to see behind the curtain of a typical wedding (and laugh hysterically at what I saw) as the movie Bridesmaids opened and one of my good friends was maid of honor in a wedding. Art parodies life, as so often happens, and my friend basically was Kristen Wiig…without the loser boyfriend and the food poisoning. She spent, stressed, and visited many sketchy themed stores. Today’s infographic breaks down the expenses of a typical bridesmaid as well as issuing some sage advice for both Bridezillas and would-be bridesmaids.

According to the guesstimated figures of a typical wedding, $1,695 is the average expense born by the bridesmaid leading up to the wedding. I can’t even mock that. Further down, some ideas are given to help curb both cost and animosity. It seems reciprocal communication is a vital key to planning a wedding that neither bankrupts the wedding party nor strains relationships. [Via]

Infographic showing bridesmaids' costs

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  • Radosveta

    $75 for shoes and only $60 for jewelry?! I don’t see what that obsession with shoes is that some women have. I think it comes from the evil movie producers who also secretly own shoe stores and use one of their businesses to support the other. I would much rather spend all my money for shoes, hair and make up for a nice bracelet. ;P

  • madeleine

     I just read an oddly similar article about this very topic at

  • madeleine

     I just read an oddly similar article about this very topic at