Research in Motion’s Uncertain Future [infographic]

May 20, 2011 |  by  |  Tech

RIM’s Blackberry cell phones have taken over the business communication world. The majority of government employees use Blackberrys and hundreds of companies supply their workers with RIM devices. Although the iPhone and Android smart phones are gaining market share, RIM is continuing to create the ultimate workaholic device.

I’ve had a curve before and I really enjoyed it. The downside is that I couldn’t see past texts, but the fast typing made up for it. I coud write essays on my Blackberry, whereas iPhones’ auto-correct would change every other word I wrote to something completely different. Writing important e-mails on my iPhone was a timely hassle. Now that my iPhone is out of commission I’ll be switching back to my old Blackberry Curve. I’ll get to see if I can handle my app absence.

Blackberry’s are also very durable. I could drop my Curve all day long and it wouldn’t change a thing compared to my iPod Touch that broke the very first time I dropped it. iPhones all require a case, but most will cling to the inside of my pocket and are way too bulky. Blackberry’s simple classy design makes it fit in with an office environment.[Via]


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  • HipsterFriend

    George W. Bush didn’t have a Blackberry? I’ll believe that. George W. Bush didn’t have email? Nope, disbelief. This combined with “all pirates are bad guys” led my eyes away from this one.

    • Geekaphone

      In the past President’s have not used email because most Presidential communications are sealed for several years, when they are released, becoming a part of the public record. 

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