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How Netflix Destroyed Blockbuster

By | source: May 23rd, 2011

Once upon a time there was a store named Blockbuster, ruler of all video rental stores. No one had a kingdom bigger than Blockbuster, not even Hollywood Video. This time was a simpler time, a time when years went by between a movie being in theaters and being released on VHS. Yes that’s right this is the time of the VHS and of late fees. However as time passed there had to be a change, people wanted DVDs and would no longer accept the cursed late fees.

However as time passed and these reforms would become the smallest of Blockbuster’s worries. There was a new light rising in the world of the internet, Netflix and their much cooler red color. Netflix new what the people wanted, they wanted their movies delivered to them and they wanted as many as they could get in while paying a set price each month. As Netflix expanded its library it expanded its grasp on the movie and television watching crowd as well. So there after came instant streaming and total domination. Leaving Blockbuster with nothing to do but surrender and claim bankruptcy.

Today’s infographic entitled How Netflix Destroyed Blockbuster shows just how popular Netflix has become and how far Blockbuster has fallen. Once having drawn in $6 billion dollars in revenue, Blockbuster now owes millions to companies like Fox, Warner Brothers, and Sony. With their radically different business model and youthful appeal Netflix showed how a small company can come in at any time and take out a giant. [via]

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