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The Top 10 Most Watched Shows During Quarantine

By | source:Here Sep 5th, 2021

Last year was very unique as far as the amount of time that we had to spend in our own homes due to the pandemic. Since we were confined to our homes with nothing to do, a lot of us binge-watch T.V. Using data from Nielsen, here are the most streamed T.V. series during quarantine.

Nielsen measured which shows were watched the most, in minutes, on Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, and Disney+.

Despite measuring which shows were watched on all of the different popular platforms, the top eight shows were all on Netflix. In first place, and by a landslide, is the Office. Last year, 57.1 billion minutes were spent streaming the Office. Grey’s Anatomy came in 2nd place with 39.4 billion minutes spent watching the show. It is worth noting that the Office only has 192 episodes to watch, whereas there are 366 Grey’s Anatomy episodes. Just behind Grey’s Anatomy is Criminal Minds, with 35.4 billion minutes spent watching its 277 episodes.

It is no surprise that the top 3 streamed shows are all older, well-known shows with hundreds of episodes to choose from. In 4th place is the Netflix Original, Ozark. It is interesting that Ozark is so high on the list, despite it being a newer show with only 30 episodes out. Not only that, but Ozark is a suspenseful show, which is the opposite of something like the Office. The only other Netflix original on the list is Lucifer in 7th place with 19 billion streams. But clearly, Netflix is still the preferred platform to stream T.V. on, even with newer options like Disney+ to choose from.