US Police Brutality [infographic]

September 22, 2010 |  by  |  Crime

I believe police brutality happens too often in America. It seems that even when a cop gets convicted they still aren’t punished like any other citizen would be.

Here is a video of some brutality happening to a kid celebrating his team winning a football game. He doesn’t seem like he is threatening the cops at all, yet they jump him. I’ve read somewhere else that in the police report for this they said he was messing with a cop’s horse and the horse kicked him in the face or something. What a boldface lie.

This example isn’t brutality, but it is still pretty screwed up. Ex-trooper speeds at over 100 mph and crosses the median while texting and hits 4 people head on, killing 2 girls. He only gets a 30 month probation period and is suspended from work. Well kinda suspended, they continue paying him for 2 years. Then what nerve does this guy have? He is now filing for worker’s compensation. What a jerk.

And people say cops aren’t above the law. [Via]


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  • Tyrone Harvey

    OSCAR GRANT DOES NOT COUNT…NOBODY IN THE JUSTICE SYSTEM CARES?After serving 18 month in prison on dog fighting and conspiracy charges, Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Michael Vick appears to be back in the game. DOGFIGHTING !Dogs are more respected then a black male! On August 20, 2009, Plaxico Antonio Burress accepted a plea deal that would put him in prison for two years with an additional two years of supervised release. Plaxico Antonio Burress accidentally shot himself with a un register gun. In January 2010, Burress applied for and was denied a work release from prison. Remember he shot himself ! The court system deem Burress a worse danger then former police officer Johannes Mehserle! Mehserle murder a unarmed face down black father. Widely aired video shows a white transit police officer fatally shooting an unarmed black man lying face down on an Oakland train platform in the third hour of the New Year. Those few seconds of grainy images have created tremendous legal and political pressures for Alameda County District Attorney Thomas Orloff, who must decide whether to charge Johannes Mehserle for the killing of Oscar Grant, 22. Former prosecutors, law school professors and other legal analysts said the case boils down to Mehserle’s reason for pulling the trigger and his state of mind. And they said that task is complicated by Mehserle’s resignation from the Bay Area Rapid Transit police department and his refusal to speak with investigators. But legal experts said Orloff probably will charge the former officer with something, possibly voluntary manslaughter, after reviewing video of the shooting and results of a BART police investigation. Orloff, a prosecutor since 1970, said he will decide by next week whether to file charges. UNBELIEVEABLE!!!! A video clearly shows the officer shooting a unarmed face down human being in the back! FOR NO REASON!Cell phone video of the shooting was aired widely on television and the Internet, stoking long-standing mistrust of law enforcement by many in Oakland’s African-American community. Former BART police officer Johannes Mehserle has spent the past 10 months in a Los Angeles jail, and after serving less than a year of his two year sentence for involuntary manslaughter, the former BART police officer turned inmate is expected to soon walk free. The California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation tells ABC7 Mehserle is tentatively scheduled for a June 1 court date. That is when a judge will likely credit him for time served and good behavior. The Corrections Department says Mehserle could be released as early as the middle of June. The family of Oscar Grant, the unarmed man Mehserle shot and killed, calls it a slap in the face. It’s a slap in all American citizen face! It makes American justice system no different then Muslim extremist mentality! It totally belittle the justice system and human life! Across America, daily incidents occur, one of many the cold-blooded January 1, 2009 murder of Oscar Grant – unarmed, offering no resistance, thrust face-down on the ground, shot in the back, and killed, videotaped on at least four cameras for irrefutable proof. USA Today said five bystanders taped it.His killer: Oakland, CA transit officer, Johannes Mehserle, tried for the killing, the jury told to consider four possible verdicts – innocent, second-degree murder, voluntary manslaughter, or involuntary manslaughter, jurors deciding the latter.

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