What Does Your Handwriting Say About You? [Infographic]

September 1, 2013 |  by  |  Education, Health, Lifestyle, Mind-Blowing

Throughout our lives we have all heard myths about how handwriting has a direct correlation to our personalities.

If you use curvy letters you must be unruly and over confident. If your hand writing is messy then you must not be smart or care about being presentable. If you write big you must be loud and if you write small you must be quiet.

When it comes to character nothing is ever black and white. Nothing is ever so clean cut that it becomes a definite in regards to the human condition. If these myths were true I’d be a recluse with no friends little self-esteem and poor hygiene.

However, the myths are not true but it is interesting to see how close some of the following findings are true.  Just like artwork and text tell some truth about an artist or writer, handwriting will tell some truth about the person who put the pen to paper.

We all want to know ourselves better and honestly the better you do the more successful you  will be. Be more self aware and you will be more aware of those around you. [via]



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  • 29teddy

    I’m putting the suggestions made in this infographic right up there with making predictions through horoscopes. Perhaps handwriting has more to do with the method used for teaching cursive in elementary school and the teacher’s pedagogy? Not sure what this means nowadays – do schools even teach cursive?

    • http://www.google.com/ haydesigner

      Apart from signatures, does anyone even WRITE cursive anymore?

      • A?ana Marie

        I do! I do not like print at all, it reminds me of a child (or unprofessional….also my print reminds me of a 4 year old). I write in cursive unless I need to print my name on something (mail, documents,etc.)

      • Izkata

        I write exclusively in cursive; it’s faster than lifting and dropping the pen once per word rather than on every single letter.

    • Izkata

      Also, we left-handers throw it all off.

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  • noname

    my problem is that after a brain tumor was removed in 1985, i lost fine motor coordination on my right side. i still feel right hand dominant, but do everything i can with my left hand. i learned to write passably with my left hand, but can only print. so i’m guessing that people like me cannot be analyzed by their handwriting.

  • http://slrman.wordpress.com/ James Smith

    What my handwriting says is that I am not stupid enough to believe this nonsense. Sorry about the author of this piece.

    • CompudaWizzz

      LOL, James! Ain’t that the truth? What my writing says about me is that I can write!! Not it actually says, “I can write”, well it could say, “I can write” if I chose to write that but I am not sure I have even ever written that. I mean , why would I? I’m not an idiot. Have you ever written “I can write”?

    • 7522

      James, your handwriting says you are a bald pederast and it is a correct description of you. Yes, yes it is. It is an accurate representation of you. Oh yeah, for sure. You know it is.

  • lilbear68

    I print erratically, cursive is mostly illegible and slants both directions erratically

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  • Derpington

    Maybe next time don’t use light colors against a white background.

  • Daren Bukator

    I don’t dot the i…what does that mean?

  • Giugg

    I study graphology: it can give some direction, it is not an exact science (like most pychological tests)

    Actually this infographic is neither clear nor correct.. the images are not correct nor clear. And round/pointed is another category form “connected”… Do not rely on this.

  • DanielH

    This is the biggest bunch of BULL I HAVE EVER READ!!! The way I write directly correlates to how big of a hurry I am in while writing it. Not only that but like such as how I dot my I’s, sometimes I put a small circle above it and sometimes I just dot it. Once again, it depends on how big of a hurry I am in and also what my writing is being used for. (Such as a letter to a governor compared to a self reminder note) So for someone to say one style of writing means something is just complete crap! Nice try whoever made this, I will at least say that you had some nice artwork! ;-)

    Dan H

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  • Sybrand

    This probably also does not apply to the dysgraphic.

  • JuliaLRufener

    I’ve put a lot of time into studying graphology, and I must say that the vast majority of this is wrong. For instance, wide spacing doesn’t mean that you enjoy freedom and are social or whatever it said, its an indicator of low intelligence and a slower thought process, and most likely a lower than average IQ. Also short spaces indicate that you are a fast thinker and typically show high intelligence. That’s just one of the many flaws shown in this article. If you really want to learn about graphology I would suggest maybe a book about criminal forensic graphology, not this…

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  • Madhava Verma Dantuluri

    Good info.

  • James Davis
  • Amanda Rules

    Wow, this was pretty much completely spot on with me lol.