Where Does Money Go [infographic]

April 11, 2014 |  by  |  Lifestyle

I imagine every other person on earth strives to be one way, different. I even bet I’m siding with the majority in admitting that I am terrified of the traditional career, family and debt formula. Alas, I worry no matter how much I worry and run away from this model, I will one day succumb.

I am positive that I have the ability will acquire a high paying job, thus afford a decent house and car. Most adults will tell me that that is the life to want, a dull lifeless life full of tour guide lead vacations, television, and pee-wee soccer games. I am as privileged as the next pretty white girl. I must say, I am not thankful for it. How I wish I could have to work hard for something, I want some sort of trouble in my life. So far everything has been handed to me on a silver platter, and I see no change in the future.

Unless I move to South Korea to teach English. This is where my big choice lies. Stay here and become another blind consumer, or move to South Korea and actually experience something difficult and scary. [via]

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  • Anclial

    Hi Lena, I was in a similar situation when I was graduating college. It took about 10 years of living the low-income/exciting life to realize that 1) it wasn’t that daring anyway, 2) having a “real job” allows me to have more experiences (like travel), 3) having kids (or being an uncle) is the most daring/thrilling/scary/troublesome activity there is and 4) grappling with a fear of normalcy is a privileged white person thing.

    Big fan of the site, have fun in South Korea! (seriously, go do that)

  • Gilda

    That was so intense. Yes, you haver been kucky. Not everyone would see things the same way

  • Di Di

    I think you answered your own ?? Let us know how you like Korea and I’m sure it will change your life forever.