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10 Brilliantly British Stereotypes Debunked

By | source:Here Jul 6th, 2021

The British and their culture have been the butt of many a joke.Their quirky and dry humor, coupled with their oddly perceived ‘old-style’ way of life is something that the new world has found a little ‘stone-agy’ if you ask me. This Brilliantly British infographic has debunked some of the most notorious British stereotypes that have been held in such high and humorous regard over the years. Let’s take a look.

The nation of fish and chips eaters is that not more. The Brits favorite comical food is just that, a comical look at their culture and eating habits. Fish and chips not even making it into the top 10 of British favorite comfort foods in 2014. The traditional Sunday roast is still, and always has been, the most preferred and favored meal amongst our old-world compadres. And with the world moving to a more global state, the old stereotypes of the British past have now become the standard for many other countries around the world.

Turkey for example, is, much unknown to the unaware public, the largest consumer of tea in the world. A title that the Brits have stereotypically held for more than a few decades. Whatever the true results may be, I still enjoy the stereotypical British humor and the way that it makes me laugh. If you like to laugh, then have a look at these Town Names That Will Make You Fall Out Of Your Chair.