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10 Epic Reasons To Use A PDF Editor

By | source:Foxit Software Feb 23rd, 2015

If you deal with PDFs on a regular basis, you know how annoying it can be when the format isn’t up to your specs. Editing PDFs seems like a dream come true, that’s why you need to get a PDF editor. My favorite aspect of PDF editors is that they are magic. Okay, maybe not magic, but close enough. One of the best features of these editors is their ability to create a digital copy from a hard copy. Yup, scan in your physical piece of paper, and on your screen pops a fully-editable digital copy. See, that really is magic.

PDF editors have also become vital in the contract world. No more having to meet up in person, or mess with a fax machine to sign a contract. PDF editors guarantee a fast and legally binding signature. Signing my lease last year was the easiest thing. Using the PDF editor, I could search for terms in my lease and find the most important sections immediately. The signature was just as easy.

PDF editors might not seem like the most excited thing in the workplace, but having one on your computer will make your life so much easier.