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10 Ways to Make Money Without a Job

By | source: Mar 17th, 2014

I was a waitress for almost five years before becoming a graduate assistant, and I got used to fast cash. As a perpetually broke college student, I’m always looking for new ways to make more money.

I’ve considered doing several of these things while I’ve been in school, including selling plasma or eggs. It’s always been out of the question though, because I have this whole afraid-of-needles thing going for me. Many of these (like street performing) are way beyond my skill level, while others seem time consuming.

I think there’s a little something for everyone here. Big fan of kids? Try babysitting. Really good at math? Consider tutoring someone. Too much junk? Have a garage sale. Just pick something that sounds interesting and do it. You don’t have much to lose, right? Personally, I’m going to start blogging and actually set up an online shop for my paintings. (I’ve been talking about it for years.)

Speaking of shops, the original creator of this infographic is a company called Zaarly, which is basically an online marketplace for people to buy and sell things with those around them. Their about page says the company exists “to enable people everywhere to make money doing what they love.” I don’t know about you, but making money doing what I love sounds like a wonderful use of my time. [via]