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These 10 Wedding Registry Ideas Are Perfect For Your Newlywed Nest

By | source:Here Sep 6th, 2019

If you’re going to go to the trouble of creating a wedding registry you may as well do it right – you need a killer list wedding registry ideas to keep your nest fully stocked with all of the essentials to kick off your new home.

  1. Coffee Maker

First up on your wedding registry must-haves is a coffee maker.  Start the morning a little less cranky with some coffee.

  1. Kitchen Knives Set

It’s a grownup kitchen!  Get a complete set of knives to suit all your cooking needs.

  1. High-End Cutting Board

A high-end cutting board may be one of the lower priced items you can register for.  A high quality solid chunk of wood is one of those items you will use often but may not splurge for on your own.

    1. Frying Pan

Couples who cook almost always name top-quality frying pans as their top wedding registry items.

  1. Vacuum Cleaner

Not the most glamorous item but a good one should last.  Better yet, also get a robotic vacuum.

  1. Luggage Set

Get ready for all the jetsetting as a married couple with a sturdy, long lasting luggage set.  Match them if you like.

  1. Dinnerware

Put away your ikea ware, it’s time for a new set.

  1. Mixer

Choose a smaller model for your morning protein shakes, a stand-up mixer for your baking needs.

  1. Wine Fridge

Use a smaller model for your favorite wine or choose a larger model with temperature control zones.

    1. BBQ

You may end up spending plenty of weekend hours mowing the lawn and tending to the garden.  Spending time appreciating it in front of your 57,000 BTU 5-burner is pure bliss.

If there are other new nest items that you want to put on your wedding registry, don’t hesitate.  Now’s the time to ask for that fine china!  Wedding gifts are meant to give you a head start on building your family home.  Hopefully these essentials ensure that setting up your home is a joy you take pride in rather than a chore you avoid. Happy nesting.