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11 Ways To Have Meaningful Conversations With Your Partner

By | source:Here Oct 28th, 2018

We spend most of our lives talking, but are we really communicating? Discover how you can improve your communication skills and have meaningful conversations with your partner.

Communication is the determining factor when it comes to forming human relationships. However, with the rise of smartphones and digital everything, we’ve lost the habit of truly listening and paying attention to the body language of others. Engage in authentic conversations with your partner by following the 11-tips in this infographic.

1. Start by putting down your cell phone and focusing on the discussion.

2. Pay attention to your partner’s body language. Studies show that 55% of how our words are perceived stem from facial expressions.

3. Reflect on what your significant other is saying to show that you’re listening while giving them a natural pause to add to or alter their original statement.

4. Listen to the whole thought without coming up with a rebuttal.

5. Ask questions instead of giving advice. Experts suggest that advice leads to defensive behavior whereas questions demonstrate your genuine concern.

6. Business discussions are great, but social topics help partners develop deeper relationships.

7. Move away from conversations about yourself. If you’re talking longer than 40 seconds about you or something related to you, then you’re dominating the conversation.

8. Encourage personal exploration with open-ended questions.

9. Add value to conversations with less gossip and more deep thoughts.

10. Remember that good conversation habits develop over time, so have patience.

11. Share a story, not just stats.

Most importantly, always remember that the best conversations come from active listeners and thoughtful thinkers. Focus on being present and authentic first and foremost, and the rest will happen over time.