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15 Steve Jobs Facts

By | source: Oct 25th, 2010

Hello Dailyinfographic readers! It is Monday again with that, we start another week of infographics. Hopefully you all enjoyed the last post by Tim. In keeping with the theme of entrepreneurs I’d like to share this infographic on Steve Jobs. As you all may know this man is the founder of the powerhouse Apple. However, like me, you may not know Jobs was also the owner of Pixar, which he bought from Lucasfilms.

Apple continues to find more and more customers as it continues to innovate and produce products that are both useful and beautiful. Even if you do not own any Apple products yourself, you are bound to know someone who does. It is unquestionable that Apple would not have the success it does now if it were not for the genius of Steve Jobs. Like most geniuses Steve Jobs has proven to have some odd habits and quirks. Some of his quirks include bad hygine, being a trouble maker, and others you need to read the infographic to find out.

In a recent article, an interview with John Sculley, Sculley discusses the foresight of Jobs, saying that Jobs always believed computers were the future, and were destined to change the world. Sculley, who is also mentioned in this infographic, was the CEO of Apple for about a decade and prevented the company from failing when Jobs left and actually boosted sells from $800 million to $8 billion. If you are a fan of Apple, I’m sure you will enjoy reading this infographic; if not, a little extra knowledge never hurt anyone. [via]