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20 Movie Snacks from Around the World

By | source:Here May 11th, 2022

Here is a surprising list of 20 different movie snacks from around the world… and I thought everyone just ate popcorn and candy!

While popcorn can be found at most theaters around the world, it isn’t as popular of a movie snack as it is in America. Here are 20 movie snacks from around the world!

Tom Yum Popcorn – Thailand

This is based on Tom Yum Soup, which is a spicy soup made from lemon grass and fish sauce. Instead, when enjoying a movie in Thailand many patrons choose Tom Yum seasoned popcorn.

Sugared Popcorn – UK

This is a classic in the United Kingdom and is similar to what we call “kettle corn” in the United States.

Movie Theater Popcorn – United States

The go to movie theater snack in the United States is a big tub of popcorn topped with movie theater butter (which isn’t really butter, but tastes like it).

Souvlaki – Greece

Similar to a kebab. This is the perfect movie theater snack because it’s healthier than the classic options and you don’t even have to get your hands dirty!

Fish Balls – Barbados

Crispy fish balls served on a skewer.

Fried Ants – Columbia

Large leaf cutter ants are used that have a big abdomen so they are easy to locate and pick up in the dark theater.

Chicken Legs & Bean Curd – Taiwan

A delicious meal to enjoy while watching a film.

Samosas – India

Fried dough filled with potato and meat or vegetables. These have lots of spices and a deliciously strong flavor.

Siu Mai – Hong Kong

Shrimp and pork dumplings are a favorite of movie goers in Hong Kong.

Tostilocos – Mexico

Similar to what we call “nachos” in America, but topped with pickled pig skins and hot sauce.

Dried Reindeer Meat – Norway

Exactly like it sounds. Beef jerky but made from reindeer.

Beluga Caviar – Russia

This doesn’t seem like the best movie snack to me, but Russia is definitely known for its caviar.

Calimocho – Span

What a great idea! This movie theater favorite is a mixture of red wine and Coca Cola.

Kvas – Lithuania

A fermented drink made from rye bread and flavored with mint or berries. Sort of like kombucha, but a little different.

Salty Licorice – Netherlands

Salted licorice is a favorite in the Netherlands, sometimes eaten in a trail-mix like concoction.

Dried Salted Peanuts – China

The original movie snack is still popular in China. Dried peanuts were a favorite back when movie theaters first became popular.

Dried Cuttlefish – Korea

A salty dried fish perfect for munching on through a compelling film.

Dried Sardines – Japan

Another salty fish snack which makes sense for this island nation.

Sunflower Seeds – Spain

Salted sunflower seeds are great for eating throughout a film. A small bag can last you a couple of hours.

Falafel Flavored Chips – Israel

I’ve never had these but they sound great. I wonder what they use for the falafel flavoring?