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2013 NBA Finals

By | source: Jun 7th, 2013

I happen to live in an area of Texas where some of the most enthusiastic Spurs fans exist. In the San Antonio area, talk of the team is unending. I don’t pay attention to professional sports much, but the passion I’ve seen from friends and strangers, who really think the Spurs will go all the way, is amazing.

In my town–San Marcos–someone has put up the money to rent out a billboard with the slogan “GO SPURS GO”. Every other shirt I see is a Spurs jersey. Even with all the support, this team of all-stars may meet their match soon when they’re up against Miami.

After two regular season match ups, The Heat has taken each game, but not by much. My opinion is that the Spurs want it more, but I’m also from Texas… Keep an eye on the games for the next few nights. It’s going to be close. [Via]