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2014 Recap: The Top 10 Most Interesting Internet Facts

By | source: Jan 26th, 2015

With 2.4 billion users, the Internet is growing at an astounding pace. It does put a lot of the world in perspective, though. Poverty and lack of access to technology is rampant, when not even half of our world’s population is able to access the web. This all may change soon thanks to SpaceX. Elon Musk, SpaceX’s founder, plans on launching thousands of tiny satellites that will bring affordable Internet access to places we would have never thought possible. The current statistic of 2.4 billion users could jump drastically in the next couple of years.

Personally, I believe the World Wide Web is one of the most essential tools for helping eliminate poverty. Wait, let me correct myself, I think education is the most important tool and the Internet can provide us with knowledge unmatched by the human mind. Programmers can learn computer languages without needing a college degree. Things as simple as auto maintenance are only a YouTube video away. Not to mention, literally millions of how-to videos strewn across the web helping make a normal human a handy-man of all colors.

The Internet has been evolving extremely fast, but don’t think that there’s not any room for improvement. We’ve only just started. [via]