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27 Ongoing Conflicts Around the World Today

By | source: Jan 24th, 2022

No matter how peaceful the world seems, there is always some level of conflict going on. This is a visual representation of the active conflicts going on across the globe…

Who is America in Conflict With?

The two major active conflicts in which America is currently involved are with Iran and North Korea. The United States has been involved in different conflicts in the Middle East for a number of decades now. Tensions have been rising between the United States and Iran in recent years over a number of issues, including Iran’s nuclear program, and the U.S. killing of high ranking Iran military members.

The United States has continually been in a cold conflict with North Korea over their government style, human rights violations, and a continued escalation of their nuclear program.

Will Russia Invade Ukraine?

This is the question on everyone’s mind lately. Russia and Ukraine border tensions have continued to increase as Russia is growing the number of troops deployed to the Ukraine border. Much of this conflict stems from the West’s involvement in Ukraine and Russia not wanting any of the former Soviet Union countries to join NATO. This potential conflict will likely unfold in the coming years.

Middle East and African Conflicts

The Middle East and Africa are home to most of the active conflicts right now. These regions have dealt with decades of political uncertainty and have often spilled over into war. There are a number of civil wars going on in the Middle East, with Yemen currently being the most notable for it’s high levels of violence.

80% of the current world conflicts are in Asia and Africa. Sub Saharan Africa is home to a number of ongoing conflicts, ranging from political instability in Ethiopia and the DRC, to Terrorism in Somalia and Kenya, to sectarianism in Nigeria and the Central African Republic.