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3 Canadian cities were among the world’s most liveable in 2022

By | source:Here Jul 8th, 2022

The Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) has released its annual assessment of the world’s most liveable cities, and Canada was the standout winner, with three of its cities making the top 10 list.

In this report, they rank the world’s most liveable cities and Toronto, Vancouver, and Calgary rank in the top-10 list. This is great news for Canada as a whole, as these rankings help to boost a city’s economy. Although Toronto and Vancouver may take the limelight in terms of well-known Canadian cities, it turns out that Calgary is the finest place to live – at least this year. Calgary has risen to third place in a list of the world’s most livable cities, its greatest ever ranking. It is also tied with Zurich, Switzerland as the 3rd best city to live in. Calgary, the third-largest city in Canada as measured by StatCan, has risen 15 places since 2021, owing to its early removal of pandemic restrictions. The index ranks 172 cities across the world based on over 30 criteria, including health care access, amount of greenery, cultural and sports opportunities, crime rates, and infrastructure. The Economist cites things such as healthcare, education, infrastructure, and stability as some of the most important factors. How do these rankings help to boost a city’s economy? By attracting businesses and talent to move to these cities. This, in turn, helps to create jobs and grow the economy.

So, what makes these Canadian cities so liveable? Here are some of the things that contribute:

All three of these cities have world-class healthcare systems. This is important for both residents and businesses alike.

These cities also boast great education systems. This attracts businesses and talent from all over the world.

Toronto, Vancouver, and Calgary all have great public transportation systems, which make getting around easier and more efficient.

Stability is another important factor when it comes to liveability. These Canadian cities are all very stable, both politically and economically.

Culture and environment
All three of these Canadian cities have great cultures and environments. They are all surrounded by lush green spaces, and their air and water are some of the cleanest in the world. They also have a wealth of cultural and recreational opportunities, which makes them a desirable place to live for people from all walks of life.