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30 Years Of Uniform Advantage: The Healthcare Essentials, Scrubs & All

By | source:UniformAdvantage Mar 20th, 2015

The healthcare industry has exploded these last few years thanks to the spread of Obamacare. I personally live within a 10 mile radius of seven different minor emergency centers that have popped up in the last year. No more finding out where the closest hospital is, I can head to the grocery store and pop in three different health clinics within 10 minutes all in the same parking lot.

With more healthcare providers brings in the need for more healthcare workers. It seems like the healthcare industry has been short-staffed for a long time, but even more opportunities seem to be springing up. With new healthcare workers comes the need for medical supplies and uniforms. Like most in the industry, my sister-in-law is a pharmacist and scrubs are a daily part of her wardrobe. Finding the right fit and style is important for something you will were for such long shifts.

Check out today’s infographic that documents ones of the nation’s leaders in health industry uniforms.