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The Recipe For The Perfect Logo

By | Mar 19th, 2015

A logo is the first aspect of a brand a potential customer usually comes in contact with. It is the ‘judge a book by its cover’ moment if you will. Your logo needs to convey the right feeling to your customer, as well as the right message.

Color ties in very well when relating to a customer’s insight into your company. A predominately pink logo immediately portrays femininity and loving qualities. Green brings to mind nature and the environment. Black is sleek, formal, and classic. Every color has a place in the consumers mind, but so do fonts.

Fonts can showcase a variety of emotion to the viewer. Finding the right fonts often is a game of shoot and miss. Designers try out a plethora of fonts, and try to stay away from trends. Setting a timeless logo is the end goal for trademark designer. Does your company want to seem youthful, or serious? Those types of messages are conveyed over font.

Finally, make sure it is a logo your company actually agrees with. Designers will sometimes reused ideas and concepts subconsciously, don’t be afraid to throw in your two cents and broad visions. Check out today’s infographic for more details on creating the perfect logo.