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35 Interesting Facts About Coffee

By | source: Dec 9th, 2014

Drinking coffee in the morning is an ongoing ritual in my home. A hot cup of coffee with a pastry is one of my favorite ways to start a day. I love the smell, the taste, and the warmth that a cup of coffee gives each morning. I am not alone in my ritual, a lot of people do the same thing each morning, afternoon, and evening. Coffee is a huge industry that people around the world contribute to. This infographic contains some interesting facts about the history and consumption of coffee.

Coffee has been around for over 11 centuries and it has been banned three times in history. I would have moved to another country to have my coffee. Coffee also helps in the prevention of certain diseases, but only in men. Also, coffee is the second most traded commodity on Earth.

Coffee has become important to consumers, producers, and to governments. Coffee has become part of our lives and will continue for generations. My love of coffee is new, but I now relish every cup. The next time you get a cup coffee, do not quiver. Be bold and savor it.